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EMOH is always keen to explore stylish design from the world. Recently, we would like to introduce Lemnos Clock to all interior lovers. Lemnos Clocks are all Made in Japan by different designers. All Lemnos products are made carefully by the craftsmen finely honed skillful techniques in Japan.


They surely bring out the attractiveness of the materials to the maximum and create fine products not being influenced on the fashion trend accordingly. TAKATA Lemnos Inc. definitely would like to be innovative and continuously propose the beauty lasts forever.


Highlight 1: Edge Clock


An aluminum clock designed by Shin AZUMI and Tomoko AZUMI playing active based in London. The clock is characterized the rich quality by a built-in molding of aluminum to be designed simple and powerful. It is given the sharp impression to be harmonized completely with the texture of the aluminum and the index which is polished carefully.


Highlight 2: Quaint

Quaint is a wall clock which was inspired by the clock face of an old clock tower. The brass of the clock’s dial and outer periphery are exposed by polishing.The clock emphasize the natural qualities of their materials, using the attractive contrast between the brass and coloured finish to enhance the visibility of the clock face. The distinctive texture is achieved by a process of brass casting that uses traditional colouring techniques originating from Takaoka, Toyama. The rich texture is intended to stand up to walls that have a strong material quality, such as exposed concrete or brick.


Highlight 3: Carved A & Carved Swing - Good Design Award

This clock which gives an impression as if we cut letters out of a clock face by a chisel try to handle with the graphic in the form. The shadows of letters which are carved bring a three-dimensional impression on the clock face and it changes an expression depending on the environment of the neighbouring lights. The material of interior decoration and the technical conversion lead to the opportunity of the idea.




The CUCU is a clock that tells time with a lovely cuckoo sound and the murmur of a brook. Shaped like a simple birdhouse, the CUCU can be used as either a wall or table clock. Choose between four different types: Natural, Brown with Japanese ash wood grain, Modern White, and a obsidian Black that retains the texture of the wood grain.


Highlight 4: Pace

The PACE is an unconventional circular-frame cuckoo clock with the image of a birdhouse laid over the clock dial. Rendered in high-quality plywood and evoking the feel of a trompe-l'œil piece, the PACE is designed with a sense of fun in mind, from the cuckoo's window placement in the 6 o'clock position to the bird figure motif of the clock hands.



Highlight 5: Diatomaceous Earth Clock

It is a wall clock made from plaster and use natural materials from its functionality and texture in recent years utilized various products featured "diatomaceous earth", in the traditional skill of Japan technology. Is to forget that by plastering trowel finished each one carefully watches the original's Saturday as smooth, clean finish. Gentle shades wall clock the natural taste of perfect. It is also ideal as natural materials decorate space of manicured trees and stucco, modern interior.

A wall clock that tells the time using numbers of seed heads on the dandelion clocks, rather than numerals.It alludes to time flowing onward like seed heads dancing lightly upon the wind.

Fireworks - Reddot design award
Due to spread and develop the shape of a three-dimensional lace it comes to the simple conclusion finally to realize the time quite obviously. It is finished in a solid with the contradiction of the shape of fireworks going up in the night sky as a wit.


Accessory Stand

This is a product developed with mold manufacturer in Takaoka city, Toyama. A clean tin is called pure tin. Then Utilizing the properties of pure tin which are soft and can be bent, we have developed the "STAND ACCESSORIES"  which can be easily changed the shape of the branch. The foundation of the wood has had elegant impression which made by woodworker of Asahikawa, Hokkaido. The unique form expressed by changing the shape of the branch on different accessories gives the presence as an object not only to accessories but producing the better space.


All Designed by Japanese Designers



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