Dimensions Size  L450*D300*H600 mm Product Details ..

Fruit Bowl Wired - Copper -20%
Dimensions Size Dia. 250*H220 mm Product Details ..
HKD499 HKD399

Dimensions Size 1 L580* W725 mm Product Details Materials Frame: Walnut solid wood ..

Green Paddle Cactus II, Large, Ash Wood Framed [Display] -40%
Dimensions Size L-* W-mm Product Details Materials..
HKD1,980 HKD1,188

ComingB Shelves -10%
​ Dimensions Size W800 * D245 * H600 mm  Product Details Designer comingB ..
HKD980 HKD882

[Sale] Floor Light Stark - Black -50%
Dimensions Size D260* H1560 mm Prod..
HKD1,880 HKD940

[Sale] Rubi Floor Lamp - Copper -50%
Dimensions Size Base Dia175*H1500 mm Product Details ..
HKD2,200 HKD1,100

Chalkboard Weekplanner Wood -20%
Dimensions Size W800xH600mm Product Details ..
HKD780 HKD624

Mirror Ladder - Walnut -30%
Dimensions Size H1800*W400mm Produc..
HKD1,980 HKD1,386

Boston Fern H56/H75 [Display] -50%
Dimensions Size Small: H560*D550mm / Large: W750*Dia600mm Product Details ..
HKD699 HKD349

Opuntia H105 [Display] -70%
Dimensions Size Height 105cm Diameter40cm, Base H14cm, Dia 19cm Product Details Origin ..
HKD1,580 HKD474

Succulent plants A [Display] -50%
Dimensions Size H290 * Dia 200 mm base H 130 *Dia 85mm Product Details Origin Made in C..
HKD899 HKD449

Alba Sofa - Green L137 -25%
Dimensions Size W1370*D770*H700mm Seat Height: 380mm Product Deta..
HKD3,999 HKD2,999

LAP L Shape - Yellow L182 -20%
Dimensions Size W1820*D820*H810mm SH420mm Product Details Co..
HKD4,999 HKD3,999

NEETY Sofa Green L180 -20%
Dimensions Size W1800*D750*H770mm SH420mm Product Details Co..
HKD5,725 HKD4,580

Bun Sofa Yellow L203 -15%
Dimensions Size 1 W920*D940*H840mm SH440mm Size 2 W1500*D940*H840mm SH440mm Size 3 W200..
HKD5,741 HKD4,880

Toffee Sofa GR 3P L173 -20%
Dimensions Size 1 W1300*D825*H1010 mm SH455mm SD585mm ..
HKD6,773 HKD5,419

ESTA L shape L221/L301 -20%
Dimensions Size W2210/WW3010*D1470*H860mm Seat Height: 400mm Prod..
HKD10,980 HKD8,784

Dimensions Size 1 W1200*D300*H1070 mm Product Details Origin Made in China Ma..

Piece Table L180 -20%
Dimensions Size 1 L1300*D760*H740 mm Size 2 L1700*D760*H740 mm Size 3 L1800*D850*H740 m..
HKD9,985 HKD7,988

Dandy Glass Table L160-180 -10%
Dimensions Size 1 W1600*D800*H750 mm Product Details Origin Made in China Mat..
HKD10,800 HKD9,720

Pack Glass L140-160-Teak,Wht -11%
​ Dimensions Size 1 W1400 x D800 x H720 mm / L1500 / L1600, length of the beam is 980 mm (Custom..
HKD8,980 HKD7,980

Dimensions Size 1 W1000*D300*H750mm Size 2 W1200*D300*H750mm Size 3 W1400*D300*H750mm &..

Dimensions Size 1 W1200*D300*H750mm Size 2 W1400*D300*H750mm  Customisation is availab..

Dimensions Size 1 W1000*D300*H1800mm  Customisation is available (Formula of customised it..

TRELLIS desktop charger - White -30%
Processor Description Trellis is a furniture collection, which encompasses the s..
HKD1,080 HKD756

TRELLIS side table - White -30%
ProcessorDescriptionTrellis is a furniture collection, which encompasses the simple patterning of wo..
HKD1,680 HKD1,176

​ Dimensions Size D500 * H400 mm  Product Details Designer comingB Mater..

​ Dimensions Size D500 * H400 mm  Product Details Designer comingB Mater..

Ladder Rack -20%
​ Dimensions Size W480 * D30 * H1800 mm  Product Details Designer comingB ..
HKD2,499 HKD1,999

​ Dimensions Size W560 * D560 * H1700 mm  Product Details Designer comingB ..

Organising board [Display] -50%
​ Dimensions Size W500 * D90 * H700 mm Product Details Designer comingB M..
HKD2,380 HKD1,190

[Sale] Adrastee Lamp - Rose -30%
​ Dimensions Size W362.5 * D197 * H520 mm  Product Details Designer comingB ..
HKD1,680 HKD1,176

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